“A truly sensual woman is a multidimensional muse.”

Lebo Grand

I'm Tara– a sweet and mischievous romantic who thrives on connection.

How to describe myself? Think: A magnetic personality, contagious laugh, and devious charm, mixed with timeless style and a disarmingly dazzling Hollywood smile.

I’m blessed with soft porcelain skin, face dotted with freckles, full pillowy lips and auburn red hair that frames my perfectly proportioned curves. I stand at five foot seven, with legs for miles. But, as we both know, there’s far more to people than what’s on the outside. I love to joke and tease, and I never take myself too seriously. After all, what’s life without laughter?

I’m a worldwide traveller. An endlessly passionate explorer. A spontaneous and open-minded adventurer in all avenues of life. A lover of cuisines from near and far (tell me your favourite restaurant, and I’ll tell you mine!) A hiker of mountains, a dog mum, a festival-goer.

Above all, I’m warm, friendly, attentive, and approachable. And I cherish the opportunity to build genuine conversations and comfortable connections.

As an empathic woman with an exceptionally inquisitive mind, I love getting to know what makes you tick.

My extensive travels and colourful life experiences make me an engaging and thoughtful conversationalist, no matter the topic. I am confident that we will have no trouble keeping each other thoroughly stimulated… Intellectually, of course. To me, a genuine connection is the most potent aphrodisiac there is. So, tell me what makes your world turn – I want to get to know you.

As an endlessly curious individual, I delight in variety. Let’s indulge in a decadent dinner together and enjoy sparkling conversation over cocktails while dressed to the nines, pack our bags for a long weekend in Montreal, lace our shoes for an afternoon hike or share a chilled Riesling while lazily sprawled on a picnic rug in the afternoon sun… It’s our time – the adventures we embark on are entirely up to us.

Time waits for no one – let’s spend it well. Together.

Please know, I do not discriminate!



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